1 hour session – $70

Warm towels are integrated with reflex points on scalp, hands and feet .
Series of 4 Sessions $240!

Health Benefits

Reflexology promotes better function for all organs and body parts while improving circulation and reducing body stress. Reflexology aids in the elimination of body waste and restores body systems functions, (nervous system, etc.). Reflexology is an effective technique for regaining better health: for instance, after surgery, taking prescription drugs, bad diet, drugs, alcohol, or disease; we are only listing a few examples. There are many others

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a treatment that includes pressure pointing, and massage of specific reflex areas that correspond to specific parts of the body. The theory is that your feet mirror your body. If you placed an outline of your body over your feet you would see that your toes correspond to your head area and where the toes join the foot is your shoulder line. As you go down the foot there are organ and system reflexes. What goes on in our body will affect our feet and what goes on in our feet will affect our body!

What is pain?

Pain is certainly an indication of a disturbance or congestion in some part or parts of your body. Pain is nature’s way of calling out for help. It is a cry of a hungry nerve for better blood supply. An illness, injury, or disturbance in a certain organ or body part is translated into a painful or sensitive zone in the foot. Reflexology will improve or heal that respective part of the body.


Stress has many faces, and avenues. Continued stress chains of different reactions cause lack of oxygen in certain organs. Oxygen is a life necessity for all body cells. Lack of oxygen basically leads to illness. Excessive amounts of stress can lead to high blood pressure, constriction of blood vessels and stroke. A reflexology treatment can counteract the effects of stress.

Foot muscles

Constant use of the foot causes most foot muscles to tighten and the tissue to harden which leads to foot pain and poor circulation. You can balance out your feet thru reflexology treatments.

A Footnote from Judy

“Reflexology has improved my health and therefore, my quality of life is better. Because of my love for life and people, it gives me great joy to be a Reflexologist.”