Body Wraps


One body wrap- $75
Series of 3 – $200
Series of 7 – $460
Series of 12 – $755 (After a series of 12, the average individual loses two whole
clothing sizes and cellulite can be removed!)



Our body wraps are natural enough for a pregnant woman to receive them. The body wraps target fat cells, not water weight, while also lightening sun damage, smoothing cellulite/stretch marks and hydrating the skin. Aloe and herbs work together to attack fat cells, deplete them of toxins and transport the toxins to the lymphatic system for you to flush by drinking water. This is called intercellular osmosis, which creates an immediate inch loss and continues as you drink your water for 3 days.  Measurements are included with the wraps to assure you of inch loss. (Please read below for homecare after your wrap.) Wraps need not be done any sooner than 4 days apart as they keep working in your body for 72 hours. These wraps are great to slim down for a special occasion, a trip or an event or if you must fit into a dress for,a wedding, being a great example. If you are looking for long term inch loss you must continue a healthy lifestyle and I encourage you to work on toning muscles, while shedding inches during your wrap series, in order to keep the fat burning beyond your wrap sessions. If you are going through menopause and are experiencing hot flashes our wraps are not recommended as you must not sweat during your wrap session. Once you are wrapped you will lay down comfortably for 45 minutes:  most people fall asleep. You may wear 100% cotton undergarments while being wrapped or nothing at all. The day you receive your wrap you must use our Set-n-me-free Aloe body wash or nothing at all as we do not want to risk any films or residues on your body blocking the herbs from entering the protein wall of your muscles. Do not apply any creams to your body the day of your wrap: you must arrive with clean skin. You may wear deodorant.  Please wash only with water and a cloth the day of your wrap if you decide against our body wash. For best results, it is recommended that you do not shower for 24 hours after your wrap, as the herbs continue to penetrate for 24 hours. Our body wrap does not induce sweating so you leave fresh, clean and smelling like lavender.

Body Wash Prices:

8oz:      $16.00
16oz:     $24.00

Post Body Wrap home care instructions:

– Do not apply creams for 24 hours after your body wrap.
– You must drink 3 liters of water every 24 hours for 3 days in order to properly flush your body of the toxins we have moved and that will continue moving for 72 hours.
– In order to avoid water retention you will need to minimize sodium and sugar intake. You will want to avoid caffeine and alcohol all together. If you are concerned about  caffeine withdrawals Sublingual B12 will counteract this.
These wraps work if you work them.