If you don’t think you’re worth it – YOU”RE WRONG!

You won’t believe what a facial and a compulift can do for you!

At 56, my skin’s never looked better!

Barbara S.


I’m writing to let you know how great I think Freedom Day Spa is! Tammy and Judy are very knowledgeable and truly take the time to get to know you and your body and skin type. They are gracious enough to impart their wisdom with their clients! They provide a great service: a relaxing atmosphere and great spa services that not only relax you, but do what they promise. I just had the glycolic facial and am very pleased with the results. Although the extractions hurt (!), my skin was smooth and glowing the next day. The prices I feel are also very reasonable. I have also gotten the body wrap (which was relaxing and took a few inches off to boot!), and I can tell you similar wraps cost double in metropolitan areas. Freedom day spa is also the only place locally that offers them! All the treatments I have received have left me coming back for more (Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage).  Thank you for opening such a nice place so close to us all.

Vicki Toole

Tammy at Freedom Day Spa has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I am a registered nurse and like many caregivers I had found myself neglecting my own needs. The atmosphere of the spa is clean, professional, welcoming and relaxing. The staff makes you feel like you are entering a new world where all your worries disappear and you are the center of attention. I have had a variety of services at the spa. I first decided to try the SET-N-ME-FREE Body Wraps. They were amazing and over the course of 7 wraps I lost 10 pounds and over 32 inches. That doesn?t even mention how smooth and soft my skin was.  I also have acne prone skin and have had peels and a facial. I am amazed to say that my skin has all but cleared up. Freedom Day Spa has made it affordable for me to be able to take care of myself. I would encourage everyone to take the time for yourself and give Tammy a call to see what she can do for you.

Kim R.

N, Windham, Me

This is a testimonial for Judy Gallaneri at Freedom Day Spa for Reflexology:

I have been going to Judy for about six years now. Her reflexology treatments have helped to keep the Lymphedema in my feet and legs under control. There is no cure for the swelling which progressively gets worse; but the treatments help to move the lymphatic fluid back up into my body where it can be flushed out, and my legs have actually gone down in size. Judy does more than the basic reflexology, which is traditionally limited to the feet and hands, so it is almost like having a massage. It feels wonderful! She is also a very caring and supporting person who is always willing to do whatever it takes to help you out.

Thank You Judy –

Sue Stroh

South Paris, Maine


This is a testimonial for the Ionic Detox / Footbath at Freedom Day Spa:

I have Lymphedema of the legs and feet. It is a painful condition that causes lymphatic fluid to collect in those extremeties due to veinous insufficiency. I have been seeing Judy Gallaneri for about six years for Reflexology, and since she added the IonSpa detoxification footbath to her practice, I have seen a marked improvement in the swelling of my legs. I have had a treatment almost every week since she started, and I am constantly amazed at the “stuff” that comes out in the water. Not only do I feel much better with more energy, but my pain has greatly diminished in all of my joints. We pull out a lot of the lymphphatic fluid that gets trapped down there and causes the deforming “pouches” that stretch and harden my skin. I recommend it to everyone who wants to remove those toxins that make you sick and in pain. It really does work!

Sue Stroh

South Paris, Maine


Judy is a marvelous teacher and practioner of Reflexology.  I  had messages of all sorts before discovering Judy.  After my first session, I was more relaxed and my muscles were softer than I can remember after any message.  When I walk through the door of FDS my whole body seems to go AHH.  The facility as well as the staff make you feel welcome and truely treat you as if you were their only client and a top priority.

As a former teacher, I appreciate the confidence building approach Judy employs in her reflexology classes.  She is able to convy the methodology, history and techniques of Reflexology in a logical,  understandable way.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in Reflexology to take this class. I give Judy cudos for making this wonderful technique available to us in Windham area.

Marcia Greason


Tammy recently introduced me to her Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup line.  I love my new mineral makeup and trust me i have tried them all. My makeup actually stays on, and the color actually shows up on my face. My favorite is the twice blushed #1.  I am investing in a make up that works great and is organic and beneficial to my skin.Tammy has been giving me massages for 6 years and i am impressed with her knowledge of the body.  I don’t usually like deep tissue but Tammy works on my neck trauma in a way that makes it tolerable. I can count on some homecare after, but i can also count on full relief from a flare up in my neck.

Jessica Wheaton
Sales Consultant


To Tammy and your wonderful crew,

What a wonderful experience it was to be taken into lala land with no fear!  I have a friend that is from your area and she had never had the pleasure of services like what your spa offers. However, I, have massages, facials, and acupuncture as part of my, “take care of me” routine. The comments that my friend had about her morning, were great to hear and I would guess how I felt after my first massages or facials.  You and your crew are fantastic! Everyone seems so pleased to be there early in the morning just for us.  My friend has had quite a lot of stress in the last few months, and I wanted to do something for her that she not only would enjoy but would benefit from. She and I both had your herbal body wraps done, a first for both of us.  It was fantastic! Instant inch loss for both.  The scent stayed with us all day as a reminder to stay relaxed.  WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!! You have got to try this for your self. Our stress was gone for the day, any aches or pains that were lingering, gone. A whole world of “groovy” feelings for us.

Thank you so much. And be assured, that I will be calling on you once in a while to take my friend back into lala land for a little while.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful people!

Chele Lee Kispert

Kenyon, Minnesota