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Summer Specials!

Join us for a special treat, while you cool off from the heat!

~ Inch Loss Body Wrap and Mini Facial for ONLY $95!
~ 75 Minute Massage with Essential Oils – Only $80!
~ Wellness Package – Ion Foot Detox, 1 Hour of Reflexology,
& PCA Rejuvenating Facial for ONLY $150!

Holistic Healing Open House August 3rd!

Join us for a Friday Evening of Healing & Fun 2-9pm 

~ Psychic Readings with Julie & Rina Fay for $45!
~ Chair Massages, Reiki & Eco-Fin Paraffin – $10!
~ Skin Consultations and Product Suggestions FREE!
~ Attendees get $10 Off any appointments booked that night!
~ 20% Off any Product Purchases or Pre-Orders!
~ All Services are first come, first serve!

Shamanic Healing, July 25th-Aug 1st!

Tammy Newhall is here for a special visit!

~Energy Healing Sessions with Tammy Newhall~

$80 for a 60 minute session
$110 for a 90 minute session
$150 for a 150 minute session

~2 Hour Massage & Energy Facilitation! $150

This session includes a 1 hour of hot stone massage and one hour of energy medicine. The energy medicine session is a hands on advanced form of Reiki in which any energetic structure found that is not there to serve your highest self is moved. Combined with massage, it works to balance the energy systems of your body while bringing alignment into your physical muscular structure. Chronic pain issues can be a blend of residual energy, emotions & muscular trauma within the area affected. The Massage and Energy Facilitation session addresses the source of chronic pain issues through the balancing and alignment of energy and physical bodies. Subtle energy runs through your body like blood and oxygen requiring proper circulation, renewal and release. The Massage and Energy Facilitation session aids in bringing proper circulation of that vital subtle energy by releasing blockages and re-organizing energetic structures that inhibit the proper flow. Proper energy flow results in a positive shift an individual’s body & state of mind, bringing about healing, joy, clarity, inspiration and a heart of love.

Tammy’s passion lies in her healing work, she works to detox and replenish your energy and emotional body to a place of wholeness and synergy. Tammy uses various tools and techniques acquired through studies with Michael Harner, Cyndi Dale & Light Song School of 21st Century Shamanism/Energy Medicine. Tammy has also received many Peruvian rites from shamans and has studied with various shamans from Peru. Tammy’s great grandmother was a native American woman belonging to the Penobscot tribe in Maine and Tammy is connected to the sacred healing paths of her indigenous lineage. Tammy is a conduit through which healing energy can flow with ease which will allow easeful transformation within you. You and Tammy discuss your session plan and set intentions together.

Check out Tammy’s Referral videos here!

Energy Medicine and 21st century Shamanism
~ By Tammy Newhall

What is Energy Medicine? Energy is information that is moving. Medicine is the force behind movement toward organization, harmony & unity. Medicine is benevolent, it is truth, and it is always directed toward the realization of your highest self. Therefore Energy Medicine is the movement of information to bring about healing and connectivity to the higher self.

What is 21st Century Shamanism? Shamanism is the exploration of consciousness. In many indigenous cultures shamans utilized various plant medicines to achieve that exploration. 21st Century Shamanism does not use these substances, it is a sonic driven practice. It may use drumming, songs, or a rattle to achieve trance states which are gateways to the exploration of consciousness.

I believe harbored emotions and energies attack the physical body and cause energetic disease which can manifest into physical auto-immune disease, cancer, depression & poor gut health. Your healing sessions include hands on energy channeling of healing streams of grace and a detoxing of your energy body with the assistance of a tourmaline stone. My rattle and my drum may be used during a journey or cleansing. I am gifted at assisting you into the trance state. My intention is to bring you to a state of peace, love and awareness while awakening you to a new way of looking at the world and all that is.

I believe the energy body effects the health and appearance of the physical body including chronic pain. My sessions take you on a journey of self-discovery, divine knowledge, self-knowingness and create a sustainable connectivity to all that is which is necessary for us to thrive as energetic beings in these human bodies.

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